They are back with a new name and new music will this change history???

By Peter Goezinya

Well for starters 7 Circles just decided it was time for a change. They had figured with more than 6 member's changes and the new style of music, which does not even come close to what the original 7 Circles did. They thought a breathe of fresh air would come with a new name and a new site. They have decided to take their time this go around and do it right with out being rushed or bothered by smack talk!!

How could this be you ask? Well 7 Circles never broke up. They just laid to rest the old name to form a new building block for their new music and for them selves mainly to get more focused and determined to do what they have to and that is have fun and not be stressed over music that is the point right?.

They now have a renewed sense for their music and what needs to be accomplished! Only time is going to tell if these cats are for real, but I think they are. Their new music from an unbiased Journalist is way better then they could ever imagine or anyone else for that matter!!

My time with the band has been a great experience. They have once proved that you don't have to hate, or want to kill to play heavy music. They also now feel that you can be positive about your music without playing in Drop double A tuning and sing about "How am I going to live". They just want to be able to smile and have a great time!! "

The new band name is Tragedy of Man.......I think it suits this band well. They have overcome all their tragedies, from Loved ones dying, Lose of money and homes, and lets not forget the infamous Greg "Doogal" Lowery stunt, which remains Top secret to this day!!! (We wouldn't be allowed to post such a story in a public newspaper anyway)

This band brings back one thing to the world METAL thats right they are sissies now!! They don't need any gimmicks or flashy Bling Bling! I was in shock such lavish Rock Stars did not need the fundamentals of the "so called life" no more parties, no more outrageous spending, no more orgies and so forth I had lost all faith and almost given up when...

A Newsflash hit the internet. What does it mean?

This band was never going to give up no matter what anyone says on message boards, emails, or death threats (which some members have received quite often) They were going to go past all of that nonsense and now. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls Tragedy of Man are now born!!!!!!...

Peter Goezinya is a very respected world known reporter, Michael Jackson supporter and Jakson Caldwell's best friend which makes him even better then what he already is! Jakson Caldwell is also of the great men to grace this world with his presence. Jakson Cladwell long time friend, fan and supporter.
And to Mike our biggest fan that has ever walked this earth thanks man for being there at every show!!!