After five years of traveling, and countless hours of tracking down this creature know as The Tragedy of Man. I have finally been able to research them in their natural habitat. Little was known about this creature, until now. I will now share with you The facts, myths, and my opinion about them.

Peter Goezinya

In 1999 I set out to find out more about this fascinating phenomena. My travels took me all over the world, before I found them. Oddly enough they were in my backyard of West Virginia. I originally found out that Tragedy of Man was once also known as Seven Circles, but over time they evolved. I will take you to the beginning.

In early 2000 I had found out that the original band consisted of Bobby Lafollette-Vocals, John Wines-Bass, Jakson "The Almighty" Caldwell-Guitars, Rob Class- Guitars, and Jesse Carrick-Drums. After only 2 weeks of practice they set out on their first migration, which landed them in Moorefield, WV to meet up with their other bands 200 North and Luminus. They played their first show in front of 300 people. They got great responses from the crowds. As I tracked them for the following year I notice they started to evolve.

The first to leave the pack was Jakson to peruse a college career, but these were caring creatures. They had found an orphan and took it in like it was their own. Aaron Philbrick took Jakson's place in the pack. They went on continuing to migrate from town to town, city to city. Their migration slowed after they lost another pack member John. He decided to venture on his own to Florida, and his where about, and condition is unknown (update John is now in Texas in the Army).

In 2002 their migration had nearly stopped back where they started in Moorefield, but food and water were almost nonexistent. Rob decided to venture on his own to Martinsburg, WV to meet up with Aaron Hess and Jeff Smith. He found comport and decided to stay there. The pack now consisted of Rob Class, Aaron Hess, Jeff Smith, and Jesse Hauser. Aaron Philbrick had migrated to Winchester where he searches for a mating partner for several months. Jesse Carrick had decided to follow Rob where the food and water were plentiful. Soon after Jesse Hauser was thrown out of the pack and replaced with Jesse Carrick once again. They went into hibernation for several months. In the fall the pack went out on a huge migration all over the Tri-State area.

In late fall Jeff decided to leave the pack for a less powerful and weaker one. They pack was small and hungry, then out of nowhere Aaron Philbrick had found his way home.

They now set out to find more pack members to be stronger and faster. I noticed the pack had grown over night Ben Allemong had joined them along with Greg Lowery. Jesse however grew tired of all the traveling and decided to set out on his own back to Wardensville, WV.

The pack had grown stronger, faster, and more determined to hunt for more food, and followers. Then I notice something strange the pack was growing tired of travel, stress, and ongoing changes.

In 2004 the pack evolved rapidly and changed to Tragedy of Man. With no stress and no time strains. The pack is ready to go back on the hunt again for followers and recognition. I have never seen anything like this, Rob, Aaron P. , Greg , Ben , and Aaron H. are more focused and determined to accomplish what their life long goal is.

My research will continue!