Commission Custom Watercolors of Homes
Professional watercolor artist Sindy Post will paint custom watercolor portraits of homes. These paintings are vibrant, colorful and artistic. Free note card with purchase.

1.4 cent/min USA. Low International rates. Save up to 90%. Rechargeable. Pinless dialing.

Top 10 Places to Buy "Calling Card" Online
For your convenience, we've g athered hundreds of "calling card" web sites and narrowed them down to the top 10.

Raza Communications
Long-distance company offers calling cards for the USA, India, China, Africa, Asia, Australia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe. Consult phone card rates.

Cheap International Phone Card (Calling Cards) with Instant PIN
Cheap prepaid phone cards and calling cards with instant delivery. Great quality phone card and calling card products with amazing rates.

EZ-PINS Phone Calling Cards
EZ-Pins long distance phone cards offers over 980 different prepaid domestic phone cards and international prepaid calling cards for calls at low rates.

#1 Cheap Long Distance Rates
Connects folks with long-distance service plan, including callback and dial-around, prepaid phone card, calling card, pager, cellular, and PCS service providers.

Cyber Scans Telecom
Directory lists long-distance service plans, including callback and dial-around. Find prepaid phone cards, calling cards, and pager, cellular, and PCS-service providers.

Calling Cards At!
Find, compare and buy Phones and other Phones and Communications products at Read product reviews and compare prices with tax and shipping from thousands of online stores.

Find Calling Cards with
Calling Cards - will help you find just what looking for. Browse through more than 65,000 categories. Find all the vendors and goods you need to grow your business.

Get Calling Cards Absolutely Free!
Are you looking for "FREE MINUTES"? You have reached the right place! Register free and start getting free minutes. Call from any phone,anytime, anywhere in the World! Only one account per person - join Now!

Top 10 Places to Buy "Calling Card" Online
For your convenience, we've g athered hundreds of "calling+cards" web sites and narrowed them down to the top 10.

The LOWEST Phone Card Rates At STAR69
( Lowest Rates Guaranteed ) Call France or Italy 1 cent - Hong Kong & Singapore 1.3 cents - India 6.4 cents - Russia 2 cents - no connection fees.

Credit Card Embossing: Plastic Printers
Credit card embossing at Plastic Printers using high-quality cards with credit and debit card printing, personalization, embossing, color printing, secure magnetic stripe coding, and more. - Communication Made Easy
Phones, Pagers, WebPhone, Digital Communications of all sorts. Click here for great prices and service!

Calling Cards - Low Rates
Cheap prices, reliable and easy. Buy online with any credit/debit card or paypal.

Affordable Prepaid Calling Cards
Viapin connects you with your loved ones with the best calling cards, phone cards and prepaid phone cards online. We are part of Telecard Network. Our phone cards have clear quality, no h...

Get a Free Phone Card Instantly By Email
Get a free phone card instantly when you join for free. Nothing to buy, no credit card required and no need to switch your phone company. Call worldwide from any phone. Click now to get a free phone card emailed instantly. (U.S. only).

Low International Rates
2¢-10¢ for over 200 countries, up to 473 free minutes, No fees or other charges, No switching No minimum. Call from home or cell, Affiliates.

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