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The Recovery Zone - 12 Step Resources
12 Step Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Resources. Features The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous online. Listen free with your Windows Media or Real Player. Get the Big Book on CD.

Say No To Conventional Drug Treatment
There is no addiction disease! You are not powerless. You can change your life forever. Advanced technology for substance abuse recovery. Success rate 80%!

Narcotics Abuse Recovery
Patient ratings / feedback on narcotic withdrawal / rehabilitation treatments.

Stepping Ahead Of the Palm Beaches
Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Program for Women. We offer Group Therapy,Transportation to AA/NA Meetings, NEW Friends and a FRESH Start as well as a structured 12-step based Program in Palm Beach,Florida!

Just Say No To Drug or Alcohol Treatment
There is no addiction disease! You are not powerless. There is a permanent solution to addiction. Advanced technology for substance abuse recovery. Permanent success rate 80%!

Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center
Recognized throughout the country as the leader in residential treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Narconon has a record of experience and over 70% proven success rate.>kw=drug%20addiction

Mountainside Treatment Center
Mountainside Drug Addiction Treatment Center provides affordable and effective drug addiction and alcoholism treatment for those who suffer from addiction.

Affordable, Confidential Option To Treatment
Going to alcohol or drug treatment may actually reduce your chance of recovery. Many alcoholics and drug addicts recover at home without ever going to any treatment or rehabilitation program. Also links to drug/alcohol rehab center alternative.

Troubled Teen Residential Treatment Program
Discovery Academy is a residential treatment boarding school specializing in theraputic treatment and education for troubled teens. Treats drug abuse, Add, ADHD, depression, defiance, etc.

Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center
Mountainside Drug Addiction Treatment Center provides affordable and effective drug addiction and alcoholism treatment for those who suffer from addiction.

Recovery In Texas For the Drug Addict & Alcoholic
Successful drug and alcohol treatment in a serene and private setting on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Holistic Drug Addiction Rehabilitation
Drug addiction recovery that works! Chronic relapse specialists. We are recovering addicts with over 17 years of experience. We understand! Call anytime for a free consultation at 800-559-9503.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program
Addiction recovery that works. Chronic relapse specialists serving the entire United States. We are recovering addicts with 17 years experience. We understand. Call anytime for free consultation.

Complete Collection Reviewed drug addiction websites
Looking for drug addiction? We have sorted out the best websites about drug addiction available on the web! Find the best sites about drug addiction and drug addiction related topics at!

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Information
Get info, links and resources on drug & alcohol rehab and detox centers. Adults and teens.

Drug Addiction At!
Find, compare and buy Magazine Subscriptions and other Magazines products at Read product reviews and compare prices with tax and shipping from thousands of online stores.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Info
Get information on drug & alcohol rehabilitation & detox centers, available for adults & teens.

80% Permanent Addiction Solution
The Saint Jude Retreat House offers a permanent solution for drug or alcohol abuse. An alternative to conventional substance abuse treatment programs that really works.

Seabrook House Alcohol and Drug Treatment
Private alcohol and drug treatment facility provides inpatient detox and drug rehabilitation services for adults, adolescents, and women with children.

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